I'm Asha Wild, artist, dancer, and lover of all things creative. I'm also a kick-ass coach.

So there's that.

More about me...

Not the best photo, but hey- I love the memory and the colors match my site! Plus it's a real good sense of who I am... I WILL stay up all night dancing til I freeze my fingers off and wear holes in my shoes as long as the music and the company are great.

I help artists and creatives of all sorts bridge the gap between dreaming  of their full creative life and bringing it into reality.

My work covers body awareness and care, storytelling, liberating the imagination, getting into flow, making money from art, restructuring life to suit creativity and more.

I deeply desire to help humans tell important stories and imagine new ways of structuring our current flawed social structures, and then to support them through the process of getting well paid to create the things they imagine.

Let's work together.

  • I offer many different private coaching containers to dive deeply into your own visioning, expansion, and creation. Use the link below to get started and we'll explore working together and just what will suit you best.
  • Need help figuring something out quickly? Contact me about a quick decision coaching session.
  • Seeking community and accountability as you execute your creative projects? Accountability coaching will allow you to be securely held ( like a great hug!) as you make lightyears of progress, alongside new friend who will cheer you on.
  • I'm offering new live trainings all the time, and would love to have you there. Join my email list to find out what's coming up soon. BONUS: You'll get to read my emails. And they're amazing. So you should probably sign up.
  • And are willing to show up, dive deep and do the work

What about you? Do you...

  • Dream of fully expressing your creative self
  • Seek prosperity in the arms of your art
  • Crave expansiveness and connection
  • Dream of liberation and joy
  • And are you willing to show up, dive deep and do the work?
Sometimes you find a giant warthog sculpture whilst driving a solo road trip up the west coast and then what else is there to do but climb it and behold the view?

Imagery and inspiration

Closing. Opening. Excavating. Deep inner work, with tons of outer work to match. Reveal your unauthorized outlets and dangerous wires and replacing them with fine fuel to ignite the new beginnings. Tethering art and life, bridging dreams and reality. Expanding imagination to the point of  pushing out doubt.

Drip down through the cracks. Seep into the soul's song. Rise. Ride the wave. Coast on the currents and see where the journey takes you,

Explore a richer connection to your capacity for imagination and a deeper commitment. We get to do hard things. It's a joy.  Claim the courage to attain your goals.

How does that feel?

Creativity. Curiosity. Connection.  

I send amazing enchanting, inspiring, and utterly hilarious emails worth reading. I'd be honored to be part of your inbox.